Sunday links

      1. “More people should write”. Sent by friend of the blog WK, in response to my last post: “When I have a piece of writing in mind, what I have, in fact, is a mental bucket: an attractor for and generator of thought.”
      2. Pablo Stafforini with a list of lists [!] of the most important questions and problems in the world [!!]
      3. AI and the exponential growth of computational resources
      4. Field-inventing genius Frank Ramsey worked no more than four hours a day: “The work was so exacting that I wouldn’t have said he worked for more than say four hours a day … he worked in the mornings, probably went for walks in the afternoon, played the gramophone in the evening.” (h/t Dylan Matthews)

        Frank Ramsey (right), with his mathematician father, Arthur Ramsey, Lake District, England, 1925

        Ramsey (right) and his father in the Lake District, 1925

      5. The fear of palindromes is ‘aibohphobia’. This is is cruel. But the love of palindromes is ‘ailihphilia’, which is nice.
      6. I went to an Evensong recently. Evensong prompts some people to reflect on weighty moral issuesI spent my time flipping through the Book of Common Prayer. I was surprised to find that the preface, written in 1661, is a deliciously passive-aggressive defense of the book against the haters:

        And having thus endeavoured to discharge our duties in this weighty affair, as in the sight of God, and to approve our sincerity therein (so far as lay in us) to the consciences of all men; although we know it impossible (in such variety of apprehensions, humours, and interests, as are in the world) to please all; nor can expect that men of factious, peevish, and perverse spirits should be satisfied with any thing that can be done in this kind by any other than themselves: Yet we have good hope, that what is here presented, and hath been by the Convocations of both Provinces with great diligence examined and approved, will be also well accepted and approved by all sober, peaceable, and truly conscientious Sons of the Church of England.


2 thoughts on “Sunday links

  1. 1) That preface quote made me actually lol

    2) sometimes I worry that the four hour workday stuff is a little too glorified- what if you’re just not very fast at things (like reading)?


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